Welcome to the Friends of Layton Cemetery.


Inaugurated towards the end of 2003, the Friends of Layton Cemetery are a group of volunteers dedicated to the cemetery's preservation, which is of great historical importance.

Owing to the Cosmopolitan makeup of the town of Blackpool there are a great many 'strays' buried in our local churchyards and cemeteries. By the 19th century people from the industrial working classes of Lancashire and Yorkshire began to flock to Blackpool which saw the town develop rapidly as a major tourist resort, whilst those who could afford it were eager to rent or buy property in the up and coming town.

Our Objectives

  • To promote public awareness of Layton Cemetery for its Historical, Ecological and Horticultural Values and to dispel the myth of it being a place to be avoided, more a place to meet and celebrate the lives and remembrance of those interred therein.
  • To assist with management projects on site.
  • To help members of the public find  their ancestors' graves.
  • To raise funds for the purchase of equipment or materials for use on the site
  • To plan and carry out Cemetery based events, including guided tours.
  • To research the history of Layton Cemetery and its inhabitants